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Sydney's Dog Training and Behaviour Specialists since 1994

Private, In-Home Dog Training and Obedience.

Apartment dogs need to be calm – no barking, howling or crying and well toilet trained for a happy residents. Our 1 on 1 dog training solves all your dog’s issues for a happy and content home.

Apartment dogs and their people have a whole different set of rules and circumstances that they need to deal with. Dog training for apartment dogs still covers dog obedience but will also address :

  • Controlling Barking or whining dog or puppy
  • Appropriate behaviour in common areas
  • Toilet training – setting up an appropriate toilet space and teaching “toilet” on command
  • Keeping your dog amused when you’re not there
  • How to avoid attention seeking behaviours
  • Over-zealous guard dog behaviours (yes, your neighbour IS allowed to walk down the hall!)
  • Dealing with destruction
Any dog, big or small, can be a perfect apartment dog