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In-Home Dog Training to Introduce a New Family Member

Adding a baby or another pet to the household? Our one on one dog training sessions help you to have a calm and happy household.

Adjusting to a new member of the household – baby, cat, another dog or animal, etc. can be very stressful for everyone involved. A dog who has often been the substitute child now has to deal with a lot of changes. To minimise the stress for all, we can cover :


  • Setting or changing rules or boundaries
  • Introducing the new family member
  • Interacting with the new family member – what’s appropriate and what’s not!
  • Settle (to remain in one spot)
  • Wait at doors/gates/etc rather than charging through
  • Walking well with pram/child/another dog
Dogs, cats (and kids!) are all trainable – aim for harmony in your home