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One on One Dog Obedience and Behaviour Training

In home dog training offers fast and effective results for all dog issues

Dogs rarely have behavioural problems; dogs generally are doing what dogs do – normal dog behaviour just doesn’t fit into human society.  Sadly, most people think that their pups or dogs will grow out of it but instead they’ll grow into it – because it’s a natural dog behaviour.  So the sooner you train your dog as to what you want, the less stress, damage and cost will be involved.

Dog training with Mutts with Manners will teach you how to obedience train your dog including:

  • Come when called – especially when playing with other dogs
  • Sit
  • Stay and Wait – there IS a difference
  • Loose leash walking
  • Settle (on a mat or towel, whatever you choose) – very useful at cafes!
  • Drop/down
  • Wait for food
  • Wait at doorways and gateways – no rushing out of the house
  • Road etiquette – not going onto roads unless invited
  • Adjusting to a new member in the house – baby, cat, dog, ferret…

Because a well-trained dog is a happy dog – and they’re NEVER too old to learn!