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Personal Dog Obedience Training

Reliable come when called, loose leash walking and even off leash control – one on one dog training gives fast results with gentle methods.

All dogs can benefit from a little dog obedience training at any age and in-home dog obedience training will help you with issues that are important to YOU. Below are some of the dog obedience training skills that you might like professional help with :


  • Come when called – especially when playing with other dogs
  • Sit
  • Stay and Wait – there IS a difference
  • Loose leash walking
  • Settle (on a mat or towel, whatever you choose) – very useful at cafes!
  • Drop/down
  • Wait for food
  • Wait at doorways and gateways – no rushing out of the house
  • Road etiquette – not going onto roads unless invited
  • Adjusting to a new member in the house – baby, cat, dog, ferret…
Because a well-trained dog is a happy dog – and they’re NEVER too old to learn!