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In-Home Puppy Training (from just 8 weeks of age!)

Resolve toilet training, play biting and puppy separation anxiety quickly!

A 2 hour in-home puppy training lesson shortly after pup comes home allows us to find the toilet training and separation techniques that suit you!

  • from 48 hours after pup arrives home (this gives pup time to settle in)
  • all puppy issues and questions covered with our unique, gentle ‘think dog’ technique
  • puppy obedience training too!

A two hour puppy training consultation will include:

  • How to toilet train a puppy
  • Stop play biting and nipping
  • Appropriate games
  • Setting rules and boundaries that work for ALL
  • Chewing, mouthing, destructive behaviour
  • Whining, barking, crying and yelping (separation ‘anxiety’)
Train your puppy early, and ENJOY him

Puppy training will also cover any other puppy problems that may have come up.

Free follow-up email and telephone puppy training support available.

Our gentle puppy training methods also mean that you can start training your pup in basic dog obedience at this age too!

Ideally you will follow puppy training with puppy socialisation before having a 1 hour follow-up lesson with us to cover puppy training on the streets and at the parks. This will cover:

  • Pulling on the leash
  • Barking at other dogs
  • Come when called
  • Appropriate play with other dogs
  • Appropriate “Hello” with people too!

Gift Certificates available for puppy training, obedience training or problems
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