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Training and Rehabilitation for Rescued Dogs, Re-homed Dogs and Adopted Dogs – Private Training

Learn to understand and guide your rescued dog to handle separation anxiety, fear, aggression and many other issues with our in-home dog training.

Adopting a rescue dog is an incredibly rewarding experience. Some rescued dogs are young and have very little ‘damage’, others however, have had a traumatic start to their lives. Mutts with Manners’ dog trainers use a “Think Dog” approach – helping you to read and understand your rescue dog and their particular needs. Using this gentle, confidence-building technique we can help with :

  • Resolving trauma from past ‘lives’ eg. fears and phobias
  • Rehabilitating rescued/re-homed dogs
  • Toilet training
  • Establishing good dog manners in the home
  • Fear aggression
  • Timid behaviours
  • Snapping or nipping
  • Cringing or cowering
  • Insecurity based behaviours
  • Separation issues (barking, crying, scratching doors, howling)
  • Destruction
Let us help you make your rescue dog’s home his ‘forever home’


Mutts with Manners likes to support rescue organisations such as the RSPCA, Animal Welfare League and the many, MANY smaller individual ones. We also want to support those who adopt! Therefore we have introduced our Rescue Dog Rewards – ANY appointment that you have with your dog within 2 weeks of adoption is discounted by a MASSIVE 20%! Dogs simply need to be 5 months of age or older with adoption paperwork to verify the date of adoption..Mention this when you enquireto get your discount!

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