Private In-Home Dog Behaviour Training

Resolve separation anxiety, pulling on leash, dog aggression, jumping up, digging, chewing, destruction and much. MUCH more with one-on-one in-home dog training


Personal dog training for barking, destructive dog, pulling on leash, jumping dog, dog chewing, separation anxiety

You can have the dog as he naturally is, or you can help him to be the dog you want...

Dog Behaviour Training Referrals


We must thank you for putting our problem "child" on the right track. Having traumatic beginnings early in his life, Ben proved to be of a stronger character than the normal large breed. With your humane psychological training it was good to see him toe the line and behave. Thanks again for your hi-tech methods in training up our dog to our acceptable standard.

Nick & Marilyn    


Thank you for saving our 'pack' from total domination!!!! Before your wonderful dog obedience training, we were the ones sitting and fetching. The change in him is unbelievable. He's transformed from a monster to an angel. Keep up the fabulous work and Ralph would like to give you a big lick and a tail wag. Thanks again .

Yanina, Khufu and Ralph 

 Our in-home dog training can cover:

  • Barking dog

  • Whining dog/dog crying

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Pulling on the leash/lead

  • Aggression to other dogs or people

  • Jumping up

  • Stealing, counter surfing

  • Digging holes

  • Destruction/destroying the garden or items

  • Attention seeking/being demanding

  • Toilet training/Toileting in one spot

  • Pulling washing off the line

  • Chasing bikes, joggers, cars, skateboards, motorbikes, etc

  • Mouthing and nipping

  • Rough play (with people or other dogs)

  • Obsessive/compulsive behaviour – licking, tail chasing, etc

  • Integration with other pets – cat, rabbit, ferret...

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