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Ruling the Roost


Ruling the Roost is the Dog Training Book that you've been waiting for.  It tells you everything that your dog REALLY wants you to know about how to be a good leader for him or her - gaining and maintaining the respect and co-operation of your pack - whether they are dogs, cats or members of various other species.


Whereas Obedience gives you the ability to REQUEST behaviours, Status gives you the authority to EXPECT behaviours.  Ruling the Roost shows you step by step how to be a stong and Kind leader for your charges.


Clearly explaining dog pack behaviour, dog status, leadership and establishing authority, this book will give you a good understanding of dog behaviour, dog problems, dog training and communication.

Fido Flashcards

Obedience Training made easy!

Dog Obedience Flashcards


Great for training both young and old dogs the basics of dog obedience, Fido Flashcards are the new way to teach ANY dog new tricks!!

Fido Flash Cards - A5 in size and packed with knowledge, each FIDO FLASH CARD has a new skill for dogs and owners to learn. A glossy wipe-able surface means they can handle grot and slobber, easy to take to the park, or train at home.

Designed by Mutts with Manners, these dog training cards offer easy to follow, Fido-friendly methods to assist in dog training and to teach your dog new skills.


Buy the FULL set of 8 cards - Come, Sit, Drop, Stand, Stay, Wait for Food, Wait & Heel for only $20 INCLUDING postage.

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Cards include:

COME (to come when called)


DROP (to lie down)

STAND (remain stationary whilst standing up)

STAY (not to move until told)

WAIT FOR FOOD (until told to eat)

WAIT (to 'hang out' outside a cafe, for example)

HEEL (to walk next to you)


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What people have said about the information in this book:


“We’ve used trainers before and they tell us what we need to enforce but have never told us why. Understanding how what we do effects his behaviours is such a revelation” – Michelle, Marrickville


"I thoroughly enjoyed your book.  It's a great oveview and so clearly written.  Congratulations!"  Jean- Gladesville


“As a casual teacher I am constantly challenged by the ever-changing classes of students. After applying this to my dog and getting great changes in his behaviour, I decided to apply it to my students. What a difference it made!!” – Anna, Bondi


“I can’t believe how effective this is – already I’m seeing such an improvement in him.” – Simon, Padstow


“I work with special needs children and this is so similar to what we apply there – it makes absolute sense when you explain how to apply it to my pets as well!” – Peter, Annandale


“This is so logical! Even though I’ve raised two very well behaved children to adulthood this dog had me under his paw. Thank you so much!” Teresa – Drummoyne


“When you told me that we could train our cat to stop being scared of our dog I didn’t believe you but I had nowhere else to turn. You have restored peace to our household – thank you, thank you, Thank You!” – Melanie, Camperdown