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Pet Sitting and Live-In Dog Training Programs

"Can't you just move in, Maria?"  Is an often heard question, and now the answer is "Yes, as a matter of fact, I can!"


Since the passing of her own dog, Rasta, late in 2016 (at the age of almost 19!!) Maria has now decided to make herself available for Pet Sitting and Live In Dog Training (and Behaviour Modification programs).  As Maria works primarily in Sydney's Inner Western suburbs, any pet sitting or live-in dog training needs to be convenient to this - please contact her below to assess whether your area is manageable.


When you go on holidays you may engage Maria to dog sit/pet sit in your home and care for your pets for a fee similar to what would be charged at a boarding kennel BUT 


Your pets are in the familiar surrounds of their own home


The food they eat, their routines, games and commands will have the same comforting familiarity.


Maria's 30+ years experience in the pet care industry (where she also had a dog walking, pet sitting and a grooming business for many years) will come to the fore in providing unsurpassable care for your fur-kids, giving them their very own holiday at home.


But even better!  If you have a new pup who can't go into boarding, an older dog who needs obedience, a naughty dog  who needs behavioural training, an anxious dog who is distressed by the boarding environment and will benefit from behaviour modification - Maria can do all of this in YOUR home while you have a relaxing holiday.


As a guide - cost will be less than boarding training but with all the added benefits of a secure house for you and a familiar environment for your pets,


Training a Puppy

Puppy training - a minimum of 1 week will be required for basic puppy training concepts, 2 weeks for more solid and reliable puppy training

- includes toilet training

- setting rules (not biting, chewing, barking or crying)

- setting boundaries (whether/when allowed inside, on furniture, etc)

- obedience training 


Obedience for older dog - minimum of 1 week required provided that toilet training and other puppy issues are not relevant and there are no behavioural issues

- includes setting rules and boundaries

- obedience training


Behavioural Training - minimum of 2 weeks depending on the issues 

-contact Maria via email with a full list of issues to be resolved including examples of severity for a guide as to what can be offered and the costs involved.

- includes obedience training


All training requires a compulsory 2 hour lesson to be booked and paid for prior to Maria's stay, with the lesson to be attended by all members of the household, ideally within 48 hours of your return.  This lesson is to transition the dogs from Maria's guidance to yours and to help you to have a full understanding of how to move forward with your dogs, maintaining the results that have been achieved for you.


Disclaimer:  Choosing to not follow through with the program that has been carefully and specifically designed for your dogs and yourselves will probably ultimately result in your dogs regressing in their behaviours and therefore Maria (and Mutts with Manners) cannot be held responsible for this regression.  Adherence to the program and taking advantage of Maria's generousity with time regards email support will greatly aid in your ongoing enjoyment of your dog.  Maria can make herself available for further paid training lessons if you choose.

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