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Early Education Prevents Problems

So many people are coming to us with 6 or 8 month old dogs who are destructive, jumping on everyone, dragging their owners around on leash, the list goes on. Often their reasoning is "but I though he/she would grow out of it".

Dogs grow INto behaviours, not out of them. Your ideal program for your dog would be:

Bring pup home with an in-home lesson already arranged for 2-3 days after their arrival. This helps you to get all the puppy stuff sorted straight away.

Enrol your pup into at least one puppy school at that early stage - you don't want to miss out on this important phase of your dog's education and, as puppy school (or pre-school) is primarily there to help your pup to socialise, the more schools they're enrolled in the more they socialise!

Have another in-home (one-on-one) lesson when pup is old enough to go to the park to make sure that all obedience is in place and park behaviour is up to par. By this time pup wil be going through teenagehood anyway so it's a good time to get on top of this too!

Yes, this will cost money, but would you rather invest in a well behaved dog or in replacing things that were needlessly destroyed?

Train your pup and make the most of your newest family member :-)

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