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Train a Happy, Healthy, Obedient Dog

Here at Mutts with Manners in Sydney, we believe that the key to having an amazing canine companion – one who thrives as a part of your family and obeys the boundaries set by the pack leader (that’s you!) – is to get into the mind of your dog.

Our goal is to teach people about their dogs – how to read them and understand their needs, developing a trusting relationship with them so that they become a true member of the family.

We recently shared some of our own dog training tips with Bupa Pet Insurance to help dog owners across Australia get the most out of their loving relationship with their pets. You can read our tips in the article entitled, ‘Dog Training Tips from Australia's Experts'. But we’ve also included a bonus tip here to help you better understand the psychology behind dog training for your furry friend; once you get a grasp of what they are thinking, training your dog will become so much easier.

Start Early in Life

The longer we work with dogs, the more we’ve come to understand that dogs rarely have behavioural problems. Dogs generally are doing what dogs do, it’s just that normal dog behaviour just doesn’t tend to fit into human society. Unfortunately, many people think that their pups or dogs will grow out of it. But the converse is actually true, they actually grow into it because it’s a natural dog behaviour. This means that the sooner you train your dog on the behaviour you expect them to exhibit, the less stress, damage and cost will be involved.

There is a simple rule you should remember: dogs obey leaders. This means that as a dog owner, you can’t be perceived by your dog as their buddy, you need to be a leader and guide. This will actually provide your pet with a sense of security.

To set yourself up as the master of the household, we encourage you to get in touch with us to organise an intake session where we will come to you, assess your situation and teach you the skills and techniques to develop that trusting relationship which means that you can then guide your dog’s behaviours. :-)

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