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Looking To Train Your Puppy Or Dog In Sydney?

  • 30 Years Of Experience

  • Online Sessions Available

  • We Help You Understand How Your Dog Behaves

  • E-books and Obedience Flashcards available here

Monica M

My little Momo is an old boy and a rescue so we thought that his behaviours that we didn't like couldn't be changed, but they can with very easy tricks!


We never thought he would engage with other dogs, but now we go to dog filled parks and make heaps of friends!


I'm sure he's much happier now that he's not so anxious about the other dogs. You can teach old dogs new tricks! Thanks Maria and Mutts with Manners!! :)

Noah W

Thanks for all the work you did and that stuff you taught me it really make my life easier, really awsesome.  
Loki doesn't want to fight Lion anymore.
The biggest change is Loki doesn't pull me anymore.
That's really awesome.!!

Sam, Mike & Indie

We made various attempts to take Indie to puppy training school where the classes were more like a battle with our dog as opposed to an enjoyable learning experience.


Then we were very happy to meet you and join together to train our beautiful new pup.


Your advice and assistance in training was comparable to none and the difference in the behaviour of Indie was noticeable in 2 weeks.


We look forward to seeing you soon.


Thanks again.Sam, Mike & Indie

Expert Puppy Training, Dog Obedience & Dog Behaviour Training

Mutts with Manners' professional dog trainers and puppy trainers are highly experienced with puppy & dog training. 


Gentle, motivational, behavioural training for dogs of any age, any breed and any problem.  


Call or email us today for a quote!       

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