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In-Home Dog Training to Introduce a New Family Member

Adding a baby or another pet to the household?  Our one-on-one dog training sessions help you to have a calm and happy household.

Adjusting to a new member of the household – baby, cat, another dog or animal, etc. can be very stressful for everyone involved.  A dog who has often been the substitute child now has to deal with a lot of changes.

To minimise the stress for all, our in home dog training can cover:

  • Setting or changing rules or boundaries

  • Introducing the new family member

  • Interacting with the new family member – what’s appropriate and what’s not!

  • Settle (to remain in one spot)

  • Wait at doors/gates/etc, rather than charging through

  • Walking well with pram/child/another dog


Dogs, cats (and kids!) are all trainable - aim for harmony in your home

Gift Certificates available for dog training, obedience training or problems


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Why Train with Mutts with Manners?

After La bit my friend, and started becoming snappy with small children, I knew something had to be done. Your lessons with she and I have made a world of difference. I now have confidence that she will behave both at home and out. As you know, she was a very wilful young dog, and while she's now much better behaved, calmer and more confident, she has retained her high spirit and, dare I say, sense of humour.




To whom it may concern,


Mutts With Manners has turned around the lives of our family and more importantly, our three dogs. When we came to Maria for help, our youngest dog had been fighting with our older two dogs, who by then were 7 and 8 years old. We were quite convinced that at their age, they would be impossible to change and had resigned ourselves to the likelihood of giving up our youngest dog.


From the first session with Maria, we felt an instant confidence that we could work on the behaviour of the dogs to get them back together. Her knowledge and understanding of dogs was instantly clear to us, and as the weeks passed and we saw Maria again, we began to learn more about the dogs than we ever thought possible.


Maria has taught us a discipline routine and structure for all three of the dogs that has had the most remarkable by-product – Training of the older two dogs. Neither of our older two dogs had received any training or structure in their lives. At 8 and 7 years of age, I didn’t believe the two older dogs could be changed much. Maria has shown us that the opposite is correct.


Clients at my art gallery who have known these two dogs since they were pups have seen the transformation that Maria has achieved and are constantly amazed. They regularly tell me that they are like different dogs to the barking, over excited and completely untrained things that used to greet them at the gallery door. Every time a client comments on their new calmness and good behaviour, I think about Maria and her skills to get us where we are today with our dogs. 


Lew and Pauline


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