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Personal Dog Obedience Training

Reliable come when called, loose leash walking and even off-leash control - one on one dog training gives fast results with gentle methods.

Dog at the Beach

All dogs can benefit from a little dog obedience training at any age and in-home dog obedience training will help you with issues that are important to YOU.  Below are some of the dog obedience training skills that you might like professional help with:

  • Come when called – especially when playing with other dogs

  • Sit

  • Stay and Wait - there IS a difference

  • Loose leash walking

  • Settle (on a mat or towel, whatever you choose) – very useful at cafes!

  • Drop/down

  • Wait for food

  • Wait at doorways and gateways – no rushing out of the house

  • Road etiquette – not going onto roads unless invited

  • Adjusting to a new member in the house - baby, cat, dog, ferret...


Because a well-trained dog is a happy dog - and they're NEVER too old to learn!

Gift Certificates available for dog training, obedience training or problems


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Why Train with Mutts with Manners?

Thank you for your help in turning Tiana from an unruly little girl into a puppy who is now easier to handle and a pleasure to take for a walk and have around the home. I am amazed at the great improvement in Tiana after only having 2 lessons with you. At one time I thought I would have to put up with a wild uncontrollable dog, but with your assistance in training her this has now all changed. Once again, thank you for all your help and guidance.




Sorry I haven't been in touch, but I have been pretty occupied, settling into our new routine, you know, the stuff you organized with us. We are all getting along famously, since your visits to our house. As you know, us dogs pick up things fairly quickly, and now that my family know how to handle me things are different - it's amazing what your magic did for all of us. Lots of thanks and love.

Angel. The Dalmatian now 'Dealing with it'


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