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One-On-One Sessions For Fearful Dogs

Specialists in fearful and reactive dogs.

Fear aggression, separation anxiety, chewing, digging, crying and howling are some of the many things that can be resolved with in-home dog training


Dog training

Some dogs are born with phobias, many develop them as they experience life.  Some choose to attack what they’re worried about, others prefer to run away.  We prefer to enable them to relax.  Our motivational “Think Dog” approach develops a dog’s confidence with private dog training to help them deal with fear of:

  • Thunder

  • Fireworks

  • Children

  • Men

  • Women

  • Traffic

  • Heavy vehicles

  • Planes

  • Other animals

  • Mechanical sounds 

    • lawn mowers

    • vacuum cleaners

    • motorbikes

  • Car travel

    • car sickness

    • over-protectiveness of car

  • Grooming

    • being in water

    • being brushed

    • claw clipping

    • hair clippers

    • blow drying

  • And many others


A fearful dog may run or he may hide - either way we want him to become comfortabe and confident wherever he is.

Gift Certificates available for dog training, obedience training or problems


Areas we service


Why Train with Mutts with Manners?

Dear Maria

Fiona and I want to extend our warm thanks and gratitude for your help with training Peggy (and us!).  As you know Peggy (the 2½ year old Fox Terrier X) caused us some concern when we first rescued her. We found her rather timid and submissive and we were troubled by her jumping up, mouthing, and some other undesirable behaviours.

We found it most valuable and cost effective to have you consult with us on a one-to-one basis and we were delighted with the results after the first dog training session.  

We now have a dog that is much more confident and obedient, primarily because we are more confident and consistent with her.  We feel that we have managed to achieve these results because you were able to quickly identify the remedial action that was needed and give us clear and easy to apply instructions.  Once again, very many thanks and we would recommend you and your approach to anyone seeking help with training their dog.

Kind regards




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