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Frequently Asked Questions



My neighbour reported my barking dog.  What do I do??

Before our dog trainers visit you, send a note out to ALL of your neighbours asking for information on your dogs’ barking – what time your dog barks, how long he's barking for for, what it sounds like (sad, angry, bored, etc) - is your puppy whining as well?.  This way when we start working with you in dog training, we have a clear picture of your dog’s behaviour patterns.


My dog jumps up all the time.  Should I get him desexed? 

Sometimes dogs jump up because they want to show how important they are in the pack, but often we are encouraging our dogs to jump up without even knowing it!!  When you work with us we’ll be able to show you exactly how you’re confusing your dog and maybe giving him mixed signals.  And if you’re not going to breed from your dog, desexing him is a very good idea.


My dog is aggressive to other dogs.  Do you have group training for him? 

When there is dog aggression to other dogs, it’s often because he’s fearful – putting him into a group of dogs will probably make this worse rather than better.  When you start working with us we won’t be around other dogs until you have more control over your dog (dog obedience training will also be part of this), and he’s feeling more confident – then he’ll be playing at the park in no time!


My puppy digs holes all through the garden.  Will he grow out of this?

A puppy who digs will usually turn into an adult dog who digs unless you teach him not to.  Puppy training covers all puppy basics and dog obedience training but we also cover ‘problem behaviours’ and put a lot of preventative stuff in place so that he won’t even discover the joys of digging or chewing!


We just adopted an older dog and she doesn’t seem to know anything.  Is she too old? 

A dog is never too old to learn but it can take them a little longer to change their old habits.  Teach her dog obedience patiently and she’ll do you proud.


Our rescue dog is 3 years old but he’s still not toilet trained.  Can you help?

Many dogs live outside and never need to learn to be toilet trained.  As with any older dog, take that little bit more time with toilet training and he’ll turn out just like new!


Do you have any dog training tips that I can use at home?

Yes! Mutts with Manners now offer Fido Flash Cards to help you to train your dog obedience commands.  Buy just one or start collecting.  Buy it at the online store.


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