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Personalised Training For Apartment Dogs

Private, in-home dog training and obedience.  A dog who lives in an apartment needs to be calm - no barking, howling or crying and well toilet-trained for happy residents.  Our 1 on 1 dog training shows you how to train your dog to solve all your dog's issues for a happy and content home.

Image by Brina Blum

Apartment dogs and their people have a whole different set of rules and circumstances that they need to deal with.  Dog training for apartment dogs still covers dog obedience but will also address:

  • Controlling barking or whining dog or anxious puppy

  • Appropriate behaviour in common areas

  • Toilet training – setting up an appropriate toilet space and teaching “toilet” on command

  • Keeping your dog amused when you’re not there

  • How to avoid attention seeking behaviours

  • Over-zealous guard dog behaviours (yes, your neighbour IS allowed to walk down the hall!)

  • Dealing with destruction


Any dog, big or small, can be a perfect apartment dog

Gift Certificates available for dog training, obedience training or problems


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Why Train with Mutts with Manners?

Hi there,I just wanted to thank you for the session with Connie yesterday.  Already she is like a different dog!  She seems less stressed and is doing as she's told.  Also, we didn't have to block off the bedroom last night and she made no attempt to enter! See you next week.



Hi Maria, thank you again for your help with Prudie, our French Bulldog.  I went from being out of my depth as a first-time dog owner to feeling confident in having the right tools and knowledge.  Being an aparment dog it's so important for her to know how to behave - it's great to know you're there for us!



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