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Little bits and pieces to make it all easier for you

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 Shih Tzu with Toys

Getting a new puppy shouldn't be a spur of the moment decision. There are SO many factors to consider so here are some resources to help you to:

- understand the expenses and responsibilities of getting a new dog

- cheatsheets for dealing with various situations and behaviours

- our very own Fido Flashcards to fast-track your obedience training with your new pup. 

Are You Really Ready To Get A Dog? FREE

Getting a new puppy shouldn't be a spur of the moment decision. There are SO many factors to consider - this page runs through some of the expenses and responsibilities that you may need to consider and budget for. 

Understanding Fido AU$2.95

I know this sounds like stating the obvious but....your new puppy is...A Dog!. And you're not. This means that lots of miscommunication can happen which then leads to mistakes and stress for everyone. Give yourself a head-start with this little eye-opener.

Setting Up Fido's New Home AU$2.95

You've just gotten (or are about to get) your new puppy and the pet store is bursting with options. Do you need a pen or crate? Bed or box? What sort of toys and how many? Here is a guideline not only of what you need but even how to set it up!

Bringing Fido Home AU$2.95

The first couple of nights of pup coming home can be tough! Here are some insights and tools to help make the transition easier for him (and therefore for you!) Avoid separation anxiety from even developing with our handy hints and tips!

What Do I Do When He Cries? AU$3.95

So perhaps Bringing Fido home didn't go quite as per the cheatsheet and now he wants your attention - All The Time! Crying, barking, howling - separation anxiety is tough for everyone! This tells you not just how to deal with crying but how to teach him to separate calmly from you.

How Do I Toilet Train My Puppy? AU$3.95

There are many factors to consider when toilet training our pups. Here we've simplified it down to 3 options - crate training, pen training and free training - for you to choose from and clear instructions on how to get best results.

How Do I Stop My Puppy Biting? AU$3.95

Puppies have teeth - sharp ones! Understanding the reasons for pups using those teeth and how to teach the appropriate behaviour starts here!

How Do I Stop My Puppy Barking? AU$3.95

As with biting, pups will bark for a number of reasons and stopping the barking is all about understanding the reason and taking the right action.

How Do I Set Boundaries For My Puppy? AU$3.95

It's up to you to teach your pup where he can go and what he can go - here are some common boundaries we like to set - both with space and with behaviour like jumping up, demanding attention and more!

How Do I Play With My Puppy? AU$2.95

There are many ways to play with our pups but some of these encourage biting, snatching and barking. Look at these options for quality play.

See and purchase our Fido Flashcards here

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