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Dog Training Advice - 1 Question

Dog Training Advice - 1 Question


Do you have just a question but don't need a session? With over 20 years in the industry, our trainers are extremely experienced in all facets of dog behaviour and training. Over the years we've given specialized and personalized advice to hundreds of dog lovers - let us help you to help your dog too! Don't trawl the internet for generic advice, Ask the Trainer and get personalised advice answered by one of our experienced and incredibly knowledgeable trainers.


This purchase will trigger an email in our inbox which we'll respond to so that you can ask your question. Please phrase your question carefully so that we can be clear about what you are asking - the first question asked is the one we'll answer.   Also be specific about what you want to know -  if you ask something like "how do I train my puppy", you can expect an answer along the lines of "engage a trainer or go to a reputable puppy school".  The more detail in your question (ie - my Shih Tzu pup is 5 months old but still toilets inside, he's shut inside for 10 hours a day", etc ...) the more helpful our advice can be.


Please note that advice is based on the information that you give and cannot replace one-on-one training - we can take no responsibility for any misinterpretation or misapplication of our advice.

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