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To shop, or not to shop - that is the question...

Every single week we have people asking about equipment - "should we get a thunder jacket?", "what sort of medication is best to calm my dog?", "what's the best equipment to stop my dog from pulling on the leash?", etc, etc. Our dog's behaviours are ALWAYS dependent upon two thing - natural dog behaviour and how we ourselves influence our dogs' behaviours. Therefore is equipment going to effectively change our dogs behaviours? What about when you're not there to put that thunder jacket on or you can't find that piece of equipment? YOU can adjust both of those major influences. YOU can guide your dog away from natural dog bahviour and YOU can change the way you influence your dog. Think about it. Do you want to be relying on equipment for the rest of your dog's life? Or would you rather that he and you can rely on YOU?

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